We are here for you

Holy Trinity has stood at the top of the town, next to the Castle, for 1000 years. However, not only is it a majestic historic building, but also a thriving contemporary and relevent place of worship in today's world.

Holy Trinity is here to serve the people of Skipton, and those who visit. Regular weekly services take place as do civic events, family baptisms, weddings and more sadly, funerals.

Our regular services are:

  • Sunday 8am Holy Communion (said, BCP)
  • Sunday 9.45am Parish Holy Communion with Hymns and music
  • Wednesday 10.45am Holy Communion (BCP)
  • On the first Sunday of every month we hold an 'All In Church' service at 11:30am. This is a half hour service suitable for all ages, with activities and songs.

Holy Trinity is open every day, with printed guides, and frequently with stewards on hand to support and inform you.   

On Wednesdays through to Saturday our shop and  cafe are open to make your visit even more rewarding and  comfortable

The team at Holy Trinity are here to serve whoever comes, so please enjoy a visit  and do ask how we can help you.


A picture of some of our volunteers in the cafe