Holy Trinity Church
              We are the Church
              at the top of the
                 High Street


  • Welcome to Holy Trinity, "the Parish Church at the top of the High Street" - an ancient church which has occupied this site for hundreds of years, as a beacon to the longevity of Christian faith in the town.

    All who would like to attend services are very welcome to do so. We are an inclusive church, whose worship is diverse, serving the parish, welcoming visitors and conducting civic services. We endeavour to be contemporary and relevant to today's world, while respecting our heritage.

    Ministry and mission are at the heart of the worship as we glorify God, and is extended through the dedication of the volunteers.

    Please do let us know if we can be of help to you. We are a church where families can enjoy baptisms and weddings together and where support can be offered through difficult times of bereavement with funerals.

    We are delighted to share in the stewardship of this beautiful and prayerful church making known the Gospel of Christ.